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Northfork Universal Liquid/Foam/Gel Dispenser 0.4ml White 1L


Tork 561000 S2 Mini Liquid Soap Dispenser White

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Northfork Universal Dispenser 0.8ml Cartridges 1 Litre


This Northfork Universal Dispenser is perfect for dispensing cleansers, soaps and more in a hygienic manner. It offers a 1 litre high capacity refill cartridge that delivers 0.8ml per pump. Cartridges are quick and easy to reload, which is a major time saver. Each time you replace the cartridge you replace the pump and this means no mess and no drips. The cartridge empties fully which saves on wastage. The cartridges shrink and empty to the last drop ensuring no spillage, wastage or possibility of contamination. Ideal for use in washrooms in hospitality or food service environments, offices and schools.

  • Product Code: 635129784
  • Refill Sizes: 0.8ML


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